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As a production company and production service in Northern Nevada, we’ve been getting lots of questions about the Nevada Film Incentive.   Since it takes effect on January 1st, we thought we’d dedicate some December blog posts to the most frequent questions we’ve received.   Today’s topic: Who Qualifies?

So here goes, some straight-forward answers to your frequent questions:

Does my short film, television pilot, or music video qualify for the film incentive?

Yes, short films, TV pilots, and music videos qualify… But they must have a minimum budget of $500,000, and must spend 60% of their total production costs in the State of Nevada.

Does my commercial production qualify?

Same basics apply.  You must meet the minimum production budget of $500,000 and must spend 60% of it in Nevada.   Here’s the good news:  a “series” of commercials can qualify.   So if you’re filming five commercials as part of the same production, and the combined budget is over $500,000, you qualify!

So, as long as you meet the $500,000 minimum budget and spend at least 60% in Nevada, does anything go?

Not exactly.  There are several types of content that are specifically excluded:

  • News, weather and TV programs.
  • Industrial/ corporate videos.
  • Telethons.
  • Political ads.
  • Sporting events.
  •  Gala or awards shows.

My project doesn’t require production.  It’s all animated.  Do I qualify?

Yes, postproduction matters just as much as production for the Nevada Film Incentive.  As long as you meet the minimum budget and the minimum percentage spent in Nevada, an animated film or show does qualify.

Stay tuned for more frequently asked questions and straight forward answers about the Nevada Film Incentive!   To submit your questions, or talk to us about production in Nevada, email us at






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